What is a synthetic diamond? Do you understand?

The advancement of science and technology has provided more possibilities and conveniences for beautifying people's lives. The development of intraocular lens technology has provided the market with more and cheaper materials, and the improvement of identification technology has played a role of supervision and maintenance for the market and consumption. Artificial synthetic diamonds, especially synthetic colored diamonds, allow beauty lovers to enjoy the decorative beauty brought by colored diamonds at a lower consumption.

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The basic characteristics of synthetic diamond

Synthetic diamonds are often cubes, octahedrons and the combination of the two; the color is often yellow, yellowish brown, and the interior is often characterized by colored bands and metal inclusions. The unmelted metal inclusions are needle-shaped, flake-shaped, small columnar or The irregular appearance and metallic luster make synthetic diamonds magnetic.

Introduction of diamond powder

As a kind of super-hard abrasive, diamond micropowder has super abrasive ability, and it has been paid more and more attention in developed countries. The grinding ability of diamond powder includes its own wear resistance and abrasion resistance as well as the grinding ability of the workpiece, which depends on its fineness, hardness, strength, thermal and chemical stability and particle shape.