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Abrasives are sharp materials used to grind softer material surfaces. The range of abrasives is very wide, ranging from softer household detergents and gem abrasives to harder diamonds. Abrasives are an indispensable material for the manufacture of every precision product. Zhecheng County Xinrui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is one of the star enterprises in the field of diamond production and processing. During the development of the industry, the company adheres to the path of innovation and is committed to providing you with high-quality mid-to-high-end diamond powder, superfine powder, Diamond crushing, diamond micro-powder coating material, multi-blade diamond micro-powder and other products.

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Xinrui Diamond Survive by quality innovation, win the world with integrity and pragmatism

As a component that is constantly consumed in the stone cutting process, the production process of diamond blades determines the quality of diamond saw blades to a certain extent. The quality of diamond blades needs to be checked layer by layer, diamond particle size, distribution concentration, strength, and adhesion. The selection of details such as phase formation and sintering process is very strict, and each step must be signed and reviewed by professional and technical personnel before placing an order for production. Zhecheng County Xinrui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is located in the west section of Guangzhou Road, Zhecheng County Industrial Cluster District, Henan Province. Since its establishment, it has always insisted on leading the development of science and technology, striving for survival by quality innovation, and winning the world by honesty and pragmatism. It has developed and grown and has gradually become one of the star enterprises in the field of diamond production and processing.

What are the applications of synthetic diamond?

Synthetic diamonds are artificially synthesized in the laboratory and have basically the same physical properties, chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamonds. At present, the methods of synthesizing gem-grade diamonds mainly include high-temperature and high-pressure synthesis (HPHT synthesis) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).