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Zhecheng County Xinrui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Zhecheng County Xinrui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was established in June 1993. (The predecessor was Zhecheng County Jingxin Superhard Abrasive Products Co., Ltd.) Located in the west section of Guangzhou Road, Industrial Cluster District, Zhecheng County, Henan Province, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, and sales. There are a number of utility model patents and invention patents in the industry. Covering an area of ​​26,000 square meters, since its establishment, the company has always insisted on leading the development of science and technology, striving for survival by quality innovation, and winning the world with integrity and pragmatism. One of the star enterprises in the field of diamond production and processing.

Cooperated with "Sanmo Institute" since 1996. It is the designated supplier of fine diamond powder by the "Three Grinding Institute" and a high-precision new project development cooperation unit.

Cooperating with the "Three Mills Institute" for 24 years is the "Three Mills Institute" designated diamond powder supplier and high-precision new project development cooperation unit. Airflow crushers and air reshaping machines are used in the industry. Pioneering research and put into use "weak acid impurity removal method".

The company mainly produces synthetic diamonds, RVD series, MBD series of high-end diamond powder, superfine powder, diamond crushing, shaping materials, diamond powder coating materials, multi-edge diamond powder, abrasive paste, grinding fluid, soft grinding discs and various diamonds Related products and other products. The products are suitable for cutting, grinding and polishing various hard and brittle materials such as stone, ceramics, gems, diamonds, machinery, electronics, aviation, geological drilling, optical instruments, photovoltaics, and medical equipment.