Inspection Center

Inspection is a scientific term that refers to the working process of using tools, instruments or other analytical methods to check whether various raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products meet specific technical standards and specifications.

Inspection is to pass the secondary determination of products (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products), compare the measurement results with the quality standards, make a judgment on whether it is suitable for use in the next process or whether it can be provided to the user to deal with activity procedure. The inspection includes four links: determination, comparison, judgment and processing. Inspection is applicable to both individual products and batches of products; it is applicable to both finished product inspection and semi-finished product inspection. Inspection is an integral part of the production process. Through inspection, unqualified products can be separated and eliminated to ensure that users accept products of appropriate quality and establish and maintain the reputation of the enterprise; through inspection and process control, the occurrence of unqualified products is predicted, so that unqualified products in the production cycle are not yet in the production cycle. It is discovered in time before the end and eliminated, so that unsuitable raw materials will not be put into production, unqualified parts will not be transferred, and unsuitable finished products will not be shipped to reduce the amount of invalid work.