About Us


development process


In 1988, Song Qingyun, a 39-year-old phosphate fertilizer plant salesman, came into contact with the diamond micropowder industry and established a factory


In 2020, the weak acid impurity removal method has achieved phased success and has now been put into normal production and processing procedures. And won the certificate of high-tech enterprise three times


In 2019, invest in research on the weak acid impurity removal method of diamond.


Moved to a new factory in early 2018, opening a new chapter of "Xin Rui".


In 2013, the company changed its name to "Zhecheng County Xinrui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd." and moved to Zhecheng County Industry agglomeration area has become a high-tech industry. Close cooperation with the new project "Ultra-thin Slicing" of the Sanmo Institute(Following the fine powder for high-end tools of the third mill will be provided by our company)


Since 1996, it has cooperated with the "Three Grinding Research Institute" and has supplied diamond powder for its "finishing discs" until now.


In 1993, Zhecheng County Jingxin Super Abrasive Products Co., Ltd. was registered


In 2017, it was again awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprise in Henan Province.


Became the internship and employment base of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology in 2014